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Julia with pottery she created for the 1996 film of The Crucible
ULIA SMITH has been making historical reproduction pottery since 1983. Acclaimed by working archaeologists, museum professionals, and living historians alike, her work is displayed, offered for sale, and used at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Plimoth Plantation; Jamestown; Colonial Deerfield; Saint Marie's City; and many other sites, as well as in the homes and personal kits of reenactors across the country.

Extensive research precedes the creation of every piece and all are based on specific originals; dimensions, cross-section, clay body, construction, and finishing treatments all follow those of the prototype. The single exception to this policy is in the area of glazes; all glazes used are lead-free, allowing the pieces to be used for food storage and service. Great care has been taken, however, to achieve as close a match as possible to the effect of the original glaze. 

Close to two hundred separate pieces are offered for sale, comprising full lines of 17th and 18th century wares made or available in the New World, as well as some 19th century items. In spite of the broad range of wares offered, each piece is entirely handmade by JULIA SMITH. Custom decoration (such as the initalling or inscriptions found on many originals) can be undertaken on special order, and commissions for commemorative or custom work are solicited.

Julia has relocated and the pottery studio is currently closed. She continues to pursue other forms of art and healing practice.

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